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dhh23-May-2017 18:22
Hi Larry, our sons pics in Peru are here. exzim
Alan in Massachusetts 12-Feb-2017 19:14
I enjoy looking at PBase galleries, including places I've never been and seeing peoples families & lives. You have a fine gallery. Thanks for sharing your life & images.
Pauline Templeton 27-Dec-2016 23:06
Do you have a map of the Cemetery I am trying to find my Grandpa's Grave site
Wayne Evans 16-Feb-2015 20:25
Hi Larry, I am Wayne Evans from Ten Mile, TN. I have several photos of my grandparents and Davis Creek church. My Grandfather is the Elder JB Marsee. I would like to share some these photos on your page.
john wilmoth 23-Apr-2014 12:45
the picture you posted of the davis creek church is list several time in the old church records of 1870's where the church would come and help cedar spring church in ordination services and so on. the church is now known as Meyers grove primitive Baptist church new tazewell tn i have the records from 1868 to 1990 what i am trying to find out is where was the location of cedar spring church when it was established in 1868 before it came to Meyers grove shortly after it was established. i am try to put together a info page and church memorial wall on face book about our little church any info you have you are welcome to post it there and as i find info about Davis creek it will be posted there any pictures of the sister churches are welcome to be posted i will shortly have them listed on the group page thank john t wilmoth
Bob Stair 19-Jul-2012 21:18
Larry, Great pictures, you have taken the best pictures of my home town, Memphis, Michigan. I went to school with Robert Braden and was a few years behind his brother Dave. Any chance you are related to this family?
Guest 01-Jan-2012 21:55
Hello Larry!!!!--You might remember me!----Michael Lee Tucker-(your cousin!)----you can contact me at or 360-989-0595---Would love to hear from you or Patsy----Michael lee
Doug Kessler26-Sep-2008 14:11
Thanks, Larry, for dropping by my galleries and commenting.
The feedback is appreciated.
Melissaa12-Jul-2008 06:53
Great pictures you have up there!
Mimi12-Feb-2008 02:37
Big vote for your pictures with a great humor and funny captures .... Thanks again for your sweet words Larry , you are very kind Friend .
Soenda06-Feb-2008 19:25
I love your "Fakes" gallery. Nobody makes them with the humor that you do. The new armed crossing guard from Belle Isle is the limit. I'd buy a desk calendar with your fakes in a Michigan minute so I could have a daily chuckle...or guffaw even.
alfredo camba jr.24-Jan-2008 11:01
Hi Larry, your images are beautiful & very interesting. Keep up the good work!
Thanks too for your kind comments on my gallery.
Jun Camba
Manila, Philippines
Bernard Bosmans26-Dec-2007 04:32
Hope you did have a wonderful Christmas Larry and that the New Year will bring you and your family good health and happiness.
Dave Beedon30-Oct-2007 21:09
Larry, after that painful absence, it's good to have you back again!
laura brookhart30-Oct-2007 15:07
Have cackled my way through your fakes with my first cup of tea this morning since running across your comments in DaveB. I think maybe what separates the Nikon shooters from the Canon crowd is their zaniness and slightly (?) warped sense of humor. Before pbase, I thought all photographers were mostly geeky-spectacled & balding technophiles always nattering on about numbers (10MP 3x Optical/4x?) and such. Happy to be rid of that notion!
Dean Eades BirdMad - BirdGuides Photo of the Year Winner 07-Aug-2007 20:39
Great Gallery
Rosemarie Kusserow18-Jul-2007 19:16
Thanks for your kind comment and vote on my abstract self, I´m glad you liked it, Rosemarie :o)
Guest 14-Jun-2007 04:08
Thank you for posting your pictures. They're a great inspiration to me.
Soenda28-May-2007 22:08
It's Memorial Day, 2007 here in the United States. Seems like a good time to thank a veteran. Thank you, Larry. Thank you for risking your life and limbs, your eyes and ears, and your peace of mind for us back at home. You were there while we watched on TV. Those of us who could bring ourselves to look saw how dangerous it was, how awful to be there. How sad for you soldiers and for the Vietnamese people. We glimpsed it from a safe distance, but you were there in the thick of the war. I admire your courage and your determiniation. Thank you for being brave at a time when it was very, very hard. We won't forget.
Siggi Geirs06-Feb-2007 10:36
I see that you have been very busy loading up a lot of new pictures. As alway a lot of fun wathcing what you are doing. Keep up the good work.
Victoria02-Jan-2007 23:06
Hey, it is a long time have not see you on Pbase, welcome back then...And all the best for 2007 to you and your family !!!Cheers

Regards from Victoria
Dennis02-Jan-2007 16:56
...all the best to you in the New Year Larry... Cheers !
Fong Lam18-Dec-2006 11:53
Thanks Larry for all your wonderful comments on my galleries. I really appreciate them.
Best regards, Fong
Ian Dalgliesh16-Dec-2006 08:32
Hi Larry,Glad you like the Hadrian's Wall tribute,there's more to come on that.I was really fortunate with the weather,for days before and since it just rained.See the castle pics of Dolforwyn,that was the day before,raindrops on lenses,etc.
Petros Labrakos13-Dec-2006 06:21
I like your style Larry
good sense of creative humor
wishing you all the best!
Ian Dalgliesh09-Dec-2006 06:33
Hi Larry,Thanks for your comments.Incidentally,the bus is one that I drive on a regular basis,but thanks to the tree reflection I can't,on this occasion,identify the driver.
Ian Dalgliesh27-Nov-2006 19:35
The "scarecrow" isn't really scary because its a pastiche of our mutual friend John Cooper.Its on permanent watch,as just over the hedge is a secret nuclear bunker.So secret everyone knows about it,and if we know,you can be damn sure THEY know too.So its hats off to people like John,keeping up appearances.
Soenda25-Nov-2006 08:17
I hope that all the Braden's enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving in one another's loving company. I bet that you captured a few pixels here and there as well. Best wishes!

Gary & Sam Wilson21-Nov-2006 17:18
Thank you for visiting my gallery. Enjoyed visiting your's. I lke variety! Sam
flowsnow18-Nov-2006 01:22
You are a great photographer and I truly enjoy the shots I see here in your galleries. Please keep shooting as I will definitely come back for more!! Great job!!
fotabug10-Nov-2006 01:27
Your galleries are great. I will be back to browse more. Just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed them
Soenda03-Nov-2006 05:17
Your Peso gallery is a never miss for me. "Must!"
willy 02-Nov-2006 12:42
Hi Larry, I have yet to even look at a photo you've taken, but by reading the comments on this page I see you are a person with a soul ... who cares about others... I see you have a sensitivity unlike many others... and with that you've earned the respect of many in this community... I see by these people's comments that you attempt to reflect Christ... and I trust I will see it in your work as well... keep doing what you're doing...
Ian Dalgliesh27-Oct-2006 05:18
Hi,Thanks for your comment on the boy fishing.His father was just off picture to the left.They were fishing in a small lake in Epping Forest on the outskirts of London,UK.
Soenda08-Oct-2006 08:27
Ha! So now we know that you look good in green! This time I wandered around your "Mostly Fakes" gallery. I tip my hat to your photoshop skills. And your many photographers would put in the time to come up with a shot of alien barf? That's a good one. Kinda gross, but funny nonetheless.
Soenda07-Oct-2006 09:31
Today I discovered your Rural gallery. What a lot of wonderfully creative images. You have a talent for finding the humor in your photos, which of course makes it a lot of fun to visit.
BTW, I do vote for many of your images. I'm just a little shy about putting it in my comments right there by the photo itself.

And thank you for the lavish replies you graced my galleries with. It means a lot to me.
Soenda30-Sep-2006 05:26
Ah, you're back! I was afraid you'd disappeared into your work. I'm glad that you are still posting, and visiting.

Personally, I really appreciate your suburbs gallery. I get quite a complex about being a suburban photographer---what with all the stunning shots of world captitols and exotic lands. I've set myself the task of finding the overlooked out here in 'Burbia. It's nice to see that someone else is following that route.

Thanks for the kind messages, Larry.
Soenda19-Sep-2006 22:58
Thanks for your visit and much appreciated comments on my galleries.

You offered some important insight on my recent work with grave stones. It had simply never occurred to me that some of the stones bearing the older birth and death dates might be replacements. It makes perfect sense and addresses several inconsistencies I had wondered about. For example, why the styles among the older markers varied so much and why the inscriptions on some were so much easier to read than others. It's really struck me how hard---even impossible---it is to make out the inscriptions on many older markers. I can understand why people want to make rubbings of the stones, but a little research has discouraged me from trying without express permission from the cemetery managers. I had no appreciation for how fragile the old markers are and how susceptable to adhesives, crumbling and tipping over.

Your insight helped me a lot to understand what I have been seeing.
Ian Dalgliesh19-Sep-2006 19:24
Hello Larry,Thanks for your comments.Its really encouraging to find someone else appreciates one's efforts.
Ian Dalgliesh18-Sep-2006 17:37
Hi Larry,We live in a strange world of bizarre happenings and weird occurrences,none more so than having a gallery called "free" and requiring a password to gain entry.Is this because it contains secretive UFO data perchance?That I could understand.
Bernard Bosmans07-Sep-2006 02:53
Thanks Larry for taking the time in passing by at my family histoty site and stop for a 'chat'. It's always nice to meet a friend who has a smile and never tired for some kind words in this fabulous world without borders on pbase. All the best.
Soenda05-Sep-2006 04:21
I don't know how to thank you, Larry, for your generosity in visiting and commenting on my galleries. How you find the time with as many photos as you take yourself, I'll never know.
What I do know is that your kindness of spirit comes through every time you leave a message. I can see by the other comments here in your guest book that you are an important part of the Pbase community to an awful lot of us.

Many, many thanks.
Dennis25-Aug-2006 00:20
...thanks Larry for the comments...great shooting.
Cheers !
The Pegger
Katie Chew23-Aug-2006 12:46
Thank you for your comment on my photo All Smiles.
Deborah Lewis15-Aug-2006 00:11
Thanks - I've only had this camera since April and still learning! My next camera will be a SLR!!!!!!
Deborah Lewis13-Aug-2006 00:25
No - no one laying on their horns, more concerned about what was happening ahead -now if we were in NY, Boston, LA it might of been a different story... have a great weekend!
LeeG11-Aug-2006 17:18
Hi Larry,
Your galleries are the best! I always enjoy snooting thru your stuff and seeing whats new. Thanks!
Dennis09-Aug-2006 12:38
Thanks for checking back and the many comments you have been posting. Happy shooting.
Cheers !
Deborah Lewis05-Aug-2006 16:52
Hi Larry - Thank you for visiting my site. Really enjoyed your comments. The Red Hat Society is for women over 50 who want to have fun. I belong to a small chapter in York, PA and we have a monthly event. Whoever's birthday month it happens to be, picks what we are doing that month. This month we are going miniature golfing! So keep a look out for groups of women who are wearing purple clothes and red hats!
The place where you asked if it was a restaurant is actually an old house in York that is now "The Front Porch Tea Room" - that had a mystery dinner - we all dressed to character - I was the mayor of Chicago!
Yiannis Pavlis31-Jul-2006 02:48
thank you for your visit and your kind comments.Best regards Yiannis.
Brett Hochkins25-Jul-2006 03:18
Some interesting and fascinating Photos. I especially liked First on the Scene. It earned my Vote. Well done.
rick bolt18-Jul-2006 16:21
larry --

thanks for taking the time to look at my photos. My mom has moderately advanced Alzheimer's disease, so pictures of her are always special for me. Rick
estralita14-Jul-2006 02:24
Hi Larry, Thanks for your kind comments. This wasn't even in a park. It is behind the Rochester Brewery!
Luis Montero12-Jul-2006 17:26
Hola Larry..
Thanks for the visit and comment, you live in a very nice place.
Regards from Peru
Craig Gillette07-Jul-2006 00:53
Hey, thanks for visiting. Much of my wife's family is from the lake Saint Clair, St. clair Shores area. Her dad and mom grew up in the area and some of the aunts and uncles are still in the general area.
Bernard Bosmans06-Jul-2006 02:25
Hi Larry,
Thanks for visiting my "concrete-jungle" and kind remarks on this image
Unfortunately I'm not able to answer your question about the type of instrument shown.
I take a stab in the dark and guess it's a type of banjo, but than it has so many strings, could it be a bouzouki? Perhaps one or more of our astute pbase viewers, might have an answer. Cheers.

raymondg03-Jul-2006 06:36
Hi Larry, thanks for dropping by my gallery and you kind comments. I remember you message way back and I think you were the first to leave a message in my guestbook, so welcome back. I drop by you gallery every now and then and enjoyed seeing you "Water" pics. What a great lot of fun beautifully captured.

Best regards

Jeffrey Lewis Knapp02-Jul-2006 15:26
hello 1moremile, Larry ?, thank you for your comments on my letter to President Bush. we really are together forever AND there must be a solution to the problems at the border! Jeff K
Bernard Bosmans01-Jul-2006 01:16
Hi Larry,
Yeh, my imagination run wild at times, hence my "last dance" picture. But if you keep your eyes open, you'll run into some nice scenes, it's a matter then to have the camera handy. Not a problem with my Canon A610, it fits easily in the pocket of my jacket, ready to fire.
You can't complain about your gas prices compare with ours Larry. At about $2.90 a gallon is quite steep,but we pay for our petrol roughly A$1.38 a litre here in Melbourne and to make that into a gallon we have to multiply this amount by 4.5, which bring our juice to A$6.20 or in your money close to $3.55 a gallon. Perhaps it's time I mount my push bike and give my 76 yr frame the benefit of some exercise. Cheers and happy snapping.
Bernard Bosmans30-Jun-2006 10:27
Thanks for "dropping in down-under" and nice comments Larry.
The tram image was taken in Swanston Street, Melbourne.
The other shot you commented on was taken at home
I enjoyed your galleries, it has a good variety of nice pictures, left a comment on your "banana" perception.
Sue Roberts25-Jun-2006 23:28
thank you for your message on my site. the picture you commented on was one of my boyfriend. although i think it mightve been clearer.......the smile was beautiful and that's why i put it on pbase.
Vaughn Parry10-Jun-2006 14:07
Thank you for the comments you have many wonderful galleries as well.
Thank again,
Ali Majdfar27-May-2006 08:09
I must thank you for all your kind comments and votes. You've done an outstanding effort in your galleries.
Arno Meintjes Wildlife26-May-2006 05:28
Thank you very much for your visit and all the comments.
As far as the elehant goes, no he will make a road if one is not availeable. This particular elephant was on his way to the waterhole, just at the back of the camera and the raod is a road in the bush used by staff to attend to the overhead electricity cables. The elephants tend to damage the pyloms as well.
Interesting is that smaller game, like impala, use the same road to the waterhole, eventually making it into some kind of a path. This is done so that they are not bundled together and thus easy prey for the predators.
A normal waterhole is a "killingfield" for predators.
Wei O'Connell26-May-2006 02:07
Hi Larry,
Here is some information about the picture in the temples
As a lot of things have been capitalized in China now, the rich people are getting richer and poor people are becoming poorer. Once again, the temples become very popular - the rich people are bowing at Buddha with 5' tall incenses (used to be 1' long back a few years ago) for their extra need; poor people are bowing at Buddha for their survival.
Thank you very much. Tian
Victoria Burgers24-May-2006 10:54
Hi Larry,
Many thanks for visiting my galleries and all the nice comments you left.
Also because it gave me the chance to browse yours. There is so much to see, I will return.
Bye for now, Victoria
Gary Winters23-May-2006 00:09
I just added you to my favorites gallery, so I can come back over and over. What a treat!
Wei O'Connell22-May-2006 23:14
Hi Larry,
Thanks again for avarything. I really enjoyed visiting your galleries. I love your "Mostly Fakes" gallery so much - you did outstanding work there. Looking forward to see more pictures. Tian
Wei O'Connell18-May-2006 01:38
Thank you very much for visiting my gallery and making nice comment. your galleries are excellent and very interesting. Thank you for sharing. Great work.
ricecake16-May-2006 21:11
Thank you so much for taking the time to view my galleries and making comments - I'm not a "real" photographer, I just like looking at my family photos on the computer (modern day "transparencies"). I love exploring your galleries - very different, very interesting.
TimA15-May-2006 16:53
Hi Larry, thanks for visiting my galleries and your kind comments. Best regards, Tim
Jeffrey Lewis Knapp15-May-2006 14:53
Hi Larry. Thank you for visiting and thank you for your comments. God bless you. = JLK
papajim05-May-2006 02:41
I had some fun wandering around in your Michigan galleries. I saw a lot of familiar places and especially enjoyed the pictures of Macomb County. I'm guessing there is enough room for both of us. Great stuff.
Dave Beedon04-May-2006 00:17
Larry, I appreciate your (numerous) comments and I'm glad you get so much pleasure out of my pictures. You and John Cooper are keeping me in business! There are more Utah pictures to come, so stay tuned.
Arno Meintjes Wildlife03-May-2006 08:10
Thanks for your comment on the giraffe. Here is a alternate view.
Arno Meintjes Wildlife03-May-2006 07:56
Thank you very much for your visit and all the comments. Here is another image that do the Sigma 50-500mm proud at 500mm
Regards. Arno
Victoria02-May-2006 14:01
Thanks for your comments, i love your gallery to!A great brilliant pics.Cheers
Mimi09-Apr-2006 00:41
Thank you, Larry for your Nice comments on my gallery , I enjoyed browsing through your albums, your family gallery are very cute.

Kind regard Larry
Graham Tomlin27-Mar-2006 10:41
Thank you for your kind comments ,i have never had a cat like jasmin before either she 's wonderful .regards Helen
Ron S. Bernardo25-Mar-2006 01:54
Thank you for your kind comment in my gallery. You family gallery photos are inspiring.
alexeig09-Mar-2006 19:52
Thanks for visiting. You have really nice pictures in your galleries, keep good work
LeeG01-Mar-2006 08:23
Great Family! Xlnt job.
Guest 26-Feb-2006 17:27
thank you so much for your kind comment.
I'm so glad to see you like my photos,and I like yours also :)
suma art
Nunes BEIRAO - PHOTO25-Feb-2006 01:38
Thank you Larry for your gentle comments on my galleries.
As I have already told you, I will be "surveying" you, being sure that your refined way to see the things, will be "translated" in more and more improved good works.
Best of all!
keithallenlaw23-Feb-2006 02:52
WOW. What a great family oriented gallery. Great use of color schemes within the galleries.
Awesome work with the scans, priceless family memories. The scans are a smart way to preserve and protect them for years to come. Your family is proud of you. This gives me an
idea also. Thanks for sharing your wonderful family to all of us. WELL DONE!!!
cfrederick 18-Feb-2006 12:48
Hello 1moremile!
Thank you for your comments on my photos! I am glad you enjoyed them and learned from them. I am currently working on getting my latest Finland pictures posted and organized. The mongolian horse picture with the long mane, is a stallion on the Gobi desert. For some reason only the stallions grow their mane that long. They are mostly wild horses (even though they are owned by a nomadic family)that forage on the desert and this stallion walked right across the road in front of me!
I enjoyed looking at your albums too! Keep clicking that shutterbutton!
natalitsa16-Feb-2006 07:38
Thanks for your nice comments about my photos :)
I will visit your page again .
Guest 26-Jan-2006 00:30
thanks for the nice comment...appreciate you visiting my gallery.
Guest 24-Jan-2006 11:40
Thanks for your comment ! as u can notice, I'am more interested in painting than in photos but both are art !!! not true ?... I'll visite your site right now ...
Mansour Mouasher12-Jan-2006 17:58
Thank you for your kind comments on my site. I enjoyed browsing through your albums. Well done.