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Thicket of Views

"This is how [a person of wrong view] attends inappropriately:

'Was I in the past? ... Shall I be in the future? ...
Am I? Am I not? What am I? ...'

As he attends inappropriately in this way,
one of six kinds of view arises in him: ...

'I have a self...'
'I have no self...'
'It is precisely by means of self that I perceive self...'
'It is precisely by means of self that I perceive not-self...'
'It is precisely by means of not-self that I perceive self...'
'This very self of mine ... is the self of mine that is constant...'

This is called a thicket of views, a wilderness of views,
contortion of views, a writhing of views, a fetter of views.
Bound by a fetter of views, the uninstructed ... is not freed,
I tell you, from suffering and stress."

~Sabbasava Sutta
A Thicket of Views
A Thicket of Views
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A Wilderness of Views
A Wilderness of Views
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A Contortion of Views
A Contortion of Views
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A Writhing of Views
A Writhing of Views
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A Fetter of Views
A Fetter of Views
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