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Week 20

("16th Update" FROM JENNIFER & BILLY on 20 November 2012)

Home and Happy!

We spent several more days in the hospital last week just waiting for his counts to improve. Each day Aiden became more comfortable with doctors and nurses in and out of his room around the clock. Counts were coming up, but at an extremely slow pace.

During morning rounds from his medical team on Friday morning (11/09), we learned they were going to give Aiden a medicine to help speed up the process. This is something they may need to use after transplant if by day 21 counts are still low, but typically don't use during treatment because they need to know the counts can recover on their own. However, there are indicators in some of the other numbers they look at that proved Aiden's marrow was recovering. The medicine worked and early Friday evening we were on our way home. He was so excited and slept so well that night, we all did.

We spent the weekend getting back into our daily routines. On Sunday Ashlynn came back home and Chase followed early Monday. Aiden was so happy, "Finally, our family is all together again" were the first words out of his mouth when Chase joined him on the sofa. Although counts were up Friday, they were still in a dangerous place. We were scheduled to go to clinic on Monday to check counts, so we waited on visitors.

Monday was a GREAT day! His counts were up, higher than they have been in two months. He was still Neutropenic, but definitely out of the scary place he had been for so long. What was the first thing he asked for when he heard the news, "can I have visitors"? The answer from his doctors, yes with caution. More good news, we received confirmation Monday for new admission and transplant dates. Transplant was delayed last week because of Aiden's counts. Waiting on the news that the donor was flexible with dates and all arrangements could be made caused anxiety. Delays are always difficult, especially this one. Fortunately, we have new dates confirmed. Aiden will now be admitted December 6th to remove his port and place a Hickman. The following day he'll start the preparations necessary before transplant which include radiation and chemo. Aiden will receive his bone marrow transplant on December 13th. Because it's been several weeks already and several more before he's admitted, the doctors will start him on maintenance chemo Friday as a precaution. Aiden has to be in remission to move forward. Delays complicate an already difficult situation.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Aiden had his first visitors at home in weeks. We can't put into words the smiles this gives him. It's a simple pleasure we have missed so much.

Friday was a long day at clinic, but all good news. Counts were still great and that's the best news these days. They administered a round of chemo as a safety measure. He has had this type many times over the last 4 months and typically handles it quite well. It should not affect his counts in a negative way, so no worries for additional delays.

The weekend was filled with more visitors and bigger smiles, he's really doing great! His energy levels are so high these days, it's hard to believe he could be so sick. Unfortunately, his appearance tells the story more each day. He's lost more weight and looks so fragile. Thankfully, his spirit his amazingly strong!

Today was another trip to clinic and in record time. Counts are down quite a bit, but the doctor says he's doing great. He feels good and is healthy, so we celebrate. We just hope and pray counts don't continue to drop.

Because dates were postponed, we will all be together at home for Thanksgiving rather than in the hospital. The last several months have been so difficult, we continue to be thankful for anything we can celebrate. May your Thanksgiving be filled with lots of little things that make you smile.

For now, please keep praying!

News Channel 2: Aiden's Story

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