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Week 17

("14th Update" FROM JENNIFER & BILLY on 28 October 2012)

Low Counts…

Aiden has been in clinic twice a week for the past two weeks checking counts, administering chemo and receiving blood/platelet transfusions. It has been emotionally exhausting. Our apologies for delayed updates, it's been difficult to put it into words lately. The closer we get to the transplant date, the more anxiety we have.

Our last update mentioned an unexpected trip to clinic (10/16) because of red spots we noticed on Aiden's shoulders. Come to find out, his platelets had dropped to nothing again. The red spots are Petechiae which is bleeding in the skin from extremely low platelets, so he received another transfusion. Because they were so low, it was likely he would need the same when we went back on Thursday for his chemo treatment and appointment to see the oncologist.

That Thursday we went in for another round of treatment. One of the chemos administered that day is common to produce adverse reactions. This always makes us nervous, but it all went well. We were surprised, platelets were UP! It was good to see his body hold on to them. Although all other counts were dropping, it was a good sign he was maintaining platelets. Unfortunately, hemoglobin counts were too low so he needed a blood transfusion.

The weekend was full of Skype dates with loved ones. Because his counts were the lowest they have ever been, no visitors and no Ashlynn. Skyping has helped fill the void and he is really enjoying seeing everyone.

Last Monday we called the "hotline". Unfortunately his face and shoulders were covered in red spots, this time much more than the previous week. They brought him in that afternoon and we were shocked to learn he had no platelets again. It's a roller coaster of emotions, nothing is predictable. So, another platelet transfusion which would hopefully be enough until his scheduled visit on Thursday.

Thursday was a great trip to clinic. Aiden received his FINAL chemo treatment for Hypodiploid Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia. Everything going forward is preparation for his bone marrow transplant. After transplant, no more chemo! We learned his counts are creeping in the positive direction. Nothing dramatic, but it was positive news to know he was making the turn. He didn't need any blood products which was the first in weeks. It was the quickest trip to clinic we've ever experienced, two hours in and out the door. It happened so fast, Aiden wasn't done with his Mac and Cheese, which he wanted to stay and finish.

Friday, Ashlynn moved back home! She made an honest effort to stay focused, but these are unexplainable circumstances. She was struggling at school being away from everything. She will go back to UTC next fall when this is all behind us. We struggled with what was best, but completely understand her need to be with Aiden right now. They have always been so close and being so far away had to be difficult for her. We know it was difficult for us.

This weekend he has been experiencing sensitivity to touch again and feeling a bit queasy at times. That said, he's still full of energy and lots of smiles.

Next week we will make 3 trips to clinic! Tuesday he will go in to have his port accessed for his early morning procedure on Wednesday. They will do a special test on his heart to check and see if there is any damage from the chemo. They will also look at a 24 hour urine capture to analyze the function of his kidneys. Chemo is hard on many of the main organs and they need to know where they are starting before transplant. Because we will spend all day at clinic Wednesday, we will be having a Halloween Party Tuesday for the four of us. On Thursday he will go to clinic to check counts and see his oncologist. After, he will have another bone marrow biopsy to ensure he is still in remission before transplant. They will also administer another round of chemo in his spine.

We appreciate your commitment to keep Aiden and our family in your hearts and prayers. We need you now more than ever!

For now, please keep praying!

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