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Week 14

("12th Update" FROM JENNIFER & BILLY on 06 October 2012)

A Long Wait…

It's been almost two weeks since our last update and so much has happened.

Last Tuesday we went to clinic praying his counts would be up and they were. Not much, but enough to give hope that he would resume treatment on Thursday. While we were there, Aiden asked his nurse to please give him medicine so he could have visitors again. It broke our hearts to hear his sincere plea. As soon as we got home, we made a few calls. It was time to bring a few people in. Wow, you could feel the energy in the room, he was so happy. He'd been such a good sport only having us to play with, we didn't even know how much he had missed the pleasure of visitors.

Thursday we went into clinic believing this would be the day he would resume treatment. It had been four weeks since he'd had anything to keep the Leukemia away. Unfortunately, counts dropped again! This meant Aiden went from clinic to surgery for a bone marrow biopsy to ensure he was still in remission. With so many delays, it was our primary concern. While he was sedated, they gave him his flu shot and TB test. We have never been believers in the flu shot, but the medical staff explained it was crucial for Aiden's safety. In fact, anyone who will come in contact with Aiden will also have to have one.

Friday was a long day! While we waited on the call from Aiden's Oncologist, we both took turns visiting the preschool Aiden attended before his diagnosis. They were holding the fourth bone marrow drive in Aiden's honor. It was emotional for us, he misses his friends and teachers so much. We will be forever grateful for the wonderful memories we have from BMCC and the blessings it's special staff/families have given us. Finally, the call came and it was GREAT news. Aiden is still in REMISSION! He would have to go back to clinic on Tuesday to check counts, but we now could have peace of mind knowing there was no Leukemia. His counts have just been struggling to recover because the type of chemo he is receiving is extremely aggressive.

The weekend was filled with smiles and special visitors. He had been in a great deal of discomfort from the bone marrow biopsy this time. Visitors helped him forget. His strength is amazing!

Tuesday we were back in clinic to check his counts. This time, they were up and we got the news treatment would definitely resume on Thursday. It sounds crazy but we were all very excited. Hard to believe we could be so happy to move forward again with treatment knowing it will make him feel so bad. It's necessary and we know it's the only way to make him better.

Thursday was eight hours in clinic with two different types of chemo. This was the beginning of his next 28 days of treatment. He was so full of life. He helped strangers find smiles/laughter throughout the day as they sat together receiving treatments. His nurse is exceptional! She has a special way with Aiden and he loves her. They played throughout the day and he even invited her to come home with us.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday we will administer Aiden's chemo from home again. This is always difficult for all of us. Please pray for him to trust us and that the effects do not present complications. These are the same medicines that put us in the ER three nights in a row with fevers.

Thank you so much for your constant prayers and support!

For now please keep praying!

News Channel 2: Aiden's Story

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