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Weeks 12 & 13

("11th Update" FROM JENNIFER & BILLY on 24 Sept 2012)

What's Next?

Last weekend was uneventful. No counts and no visitors, but more importantly nothing but smiles. Aiden's energy levels have been up and he's been feeling quite well. Because there's little we can do other than wash hands and keep him from germs, we spent a great deal of time preparing questions for our meeting with the transplant team on Wednesday.

The meeting was long and filled with details for days ahead. What we learned is scary, but provides so much hope for Aiden's future. Transplant starts with a week of preparation which includes full body radiation twice a day for four days, two days of high dose chemo and a day of rest. Then transplant, this should be an anti-climactic day for him. It will be just like receiving a blood transfusion as he has done in the past, but will take a few hours longer because the marrow is much thicker than blood. The days to follow will progressively become more difficult. He will experience extreme discomfort from mouth sores that run all the way through his GI track. Once his body starts to except the new marrow, his counts will start to come up and he'll start feeling some better. The medical staff will constantly watch for any complications. He'll need blood transfusions and platelets throughout the process, the radiation/chemo will have destroyed everything he had prior. It's a long road, and extremely wrenching to think about what he will endure. But, he's an amazing young boy with lots of courage. He gives us strength we didnít know we had.

After our meeting, we learned Aiden's counts had come up enough to start treatment again the next day, which is what we'd been praying for all week. Two weeks delay was hard, worrying what no treatment could do to his progress. Still a little low, but his doctor was comfortable to push forward. This meant, the donor could finally be activated.

Thursday we went into clinic prepared again for a long day of treatments. We were all a little excited, even Aiden. His port was already accessed from the day before so he didn't have to go through what is always difficult. Blood was drawn and the waiting seemed like forever to see the doctor. When we got back to a room, we quickly learned his numbers dropped dramatically over night. What does this mean? Immediately it means, delayed again. For next week it means an additional trip to clinic to check counts on Tuesday. If they are up, he will resume treatment. Please focus your prayers here, we need this to be true. If they are not, he will have a bone marrow biopsy on Thursday to ensure he is still in remission. REMISSION, our first success and important place to remain. Please, pray it's just been a delay and he is still where he is safe. What Thursday's results also meant, the donor had still NOT been contacted. Until treatment continues, the donor is on hold with the marrow registry but has can NOT be notified.

Friday Ashlynn came home for the weekend. She had commitments at school last week and was unable to make it back. With his counts at nothing, it was probably a good thing. But this weekend, he counted hours until she was here. In fact, he woke out of a sound sleep very early Friday morning (2:30am) asking if she was home yet. Once she's here it's nothing but smiles. He smiles bigger for those couple of days than he does all week. It's a special place they find together and a special comfort knowing your children share such a closeness.

It's Sunday and we wait! We wait for Tuesday and good news from counts. Please, we need your help! Pray for good counts on Tuesday, pray he's still in remission and pray for all good things in the coming days!

Our hearts are overwhelmed by your kindness!

For now please keep praying!

News Channel 2: Aiden's Story

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